During our adult life we spend almost 30% of our time at work. It can give us a sense of purpose, satisfaction and structure, however work can also cause stress, frustration and our health and self esteem can suffer.

Work related stress accounts for six million days of sick leave each year. It can also affect our home life, and undermine relationships.

Relationships at work, organisation set ups and changes to work patterns can all play a part, making us feel, a dread of going to work, depression, anxiety, headaches, muscular tension, feeling overwhelmed, unable to plan, sleep, or have a lack of concentration or feeling bullied or bullying.

Counselling can help unravel patterns relating to people, help us unravel our issues. Helping us be who we want to be, to achieving a more fulfilled career. Giving clients an effective tool box to help manage their home/work life balance. Work issues can affect your home life just as issues at home can affect your work life, i.e. Carer responsibilities.