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We provide a safe, comfortable, confidential place at a regular time for clients to talk about their issues, difficult feelings or situations. A counsellor will always respect a client’s viewpoint, staying non-judgemental, whilst helping them deal with their problems, cope with crises, emotions, stress and helping them to develop better ways to live their life.

Counsellors do not offer advice but we will carefully listen to what you say then reflect it back from our professional perspective, helping you to work towards improving your personal life, achieving your goal and manage your life to improve your personal situation.

Our counsellors are fully qualified and work within the BACP Ethical Framework. Our counselling practitioners work in an integrated manner to match individual clients, drawing on their experience to aid the client in the best way possible. Counselling can be both short and long term.

The Counselling we offer is Person Centred, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Gestalt, Humanistic and Integrative Therapy.

Crisis Counselling/Debriefing

Accidents happen, it's just the way the world is. It is how we deal with them that differs. You don’t have to deal with these challenging times alone as we offer Crisis Counselling or debriefing. This is generally offered shortly after someone being involved in a major incident to prevent the onset of post traumatic stress symptoms. Examples would be someone involved in a fatal car crash or worker finding or witnessing an unusual, unexpected or tragic death or injury or someone witnessing a violent crime. An event that has provoked intense stress overwhelming the individual.

Workplace Counselling/Support

During our adult life we spend almost 30% of our time at work. It can give us a sense of purpose, satisfaction and structure, however work can also cause stress, frustration and our health and self esteem can suffer.

Work related stress accounts for six million days of sick leave each year. It can also affect our home life, and undermine relationships.

Relationships at work, organisation set ups and changes to work patterns can all play a part, making us feel, a dread of going to work, depression, anxiety, headaches, muscular tension, feeling overwhelmed, unable to plan, sleep, or have a lack of concentration or feeling bullied or bullying.

Counselling can help unravel patterns relating to people, help us unravel our issues. Helping us be who we want to be, to achieving a more fulfilled career. Giving clients an effective tool box to help manage their home/work life balance. Work issues can affect your home life just as issues at home can affect your work life, i.e. Carer responsibilities.

Counselling is rewarding for both the employer and the employee.

This can take place at our premises, within the workplace or a home visit can be arranged if appropriate.

Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision is where as counsellors we review and reflect on our client work with a much more experienced counsellor, ensuring confidentiality at all times. Supervision is professional service which ensures the client is safe at all times and receiving best practice, but also that the counsellor is also progressing in their own professional/personal development.

As a clinical supervisor we offer support and constructive feedback, enabling the counsellor and the client more choice, to receive a wider viewpoint to create a greater insight, by carefully listening, gently challenging where appropriate and offering experience, advice and guidance within the requirements of the BACP.


Hypnosis is an altered state of awareness which allows access to the subconscious mind. It is a perfectly natural state of deep relaxation. There is no loss of consciousness and there is no loss of control. Hypnosis is now recognised by the medical profession as a powerful tool which is complementary to counselling and medication.

Hypnosis is a holistic method of assisting in the relief of a multitude of diverse problems including stress, excessive eating, smoking, fears, motivation, self confidence, concentration, pain management, insomnia, goal setting, relationships and other areas which could lead to unhappiness, dysfunction or difficulty in achieving goals.


Choices Counselling Services are a specialist Trainers of in-house courses of:-

We can meet with you and design specific courses to match your needs. We also offer 1 day training workshops relating to counselling. For example

We strive to deliver excellence, incorporating inclusitivity and diversity and multiculturism to all our training.